Mapping Engagement and its significance in 21st Century French Crime Fiction


Dominique Jeannerod presented at the University of Hull  Conference  21st Century Engagements – Countering Crises (17 & 18 September, 2014) a  paper advocating  the use of quantitative methods to assess political contents in Crime Fiction.  Based on a corpus of 4000 crime novels reviewed in the BILIPO’s  yearbook Les Crimes de l’année it uses digital tools and instruments of spatial visualisation to  offer a new picture, relativising assumptions regarding the committed nature of French Crime  Fiction.  Comparing  quantitative methods  based on new  digital tools with  more traditional, textual and contextual, literary, historical  and socio-literary approaches, the paper argued for the use of  digital innovations to evaluate and give a representative account of the various types of political engagements happening around or embedded within Crime Fiction




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