Month: November 2014

CFP : San-Antonio International Representations, Circulation, Translation and Exchanges

San-Antonio  International

15-16 May 2015


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Representations, Circulation, Translation and Exchanges

ICRH, Queen’s University, Belfast


Contributions are invited to the San-Antonio International : Representations, Circulation, Translation and exchanges conference, organised by the Institute for Collaborative Research in the Humanities at Queen’s University, Belfast (15 – 16 May, 2015) Continue reading

San-Antonio World Adventures : The global itinerary of a French Crime Series


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The unprecedented scale and enduring nature of the success of the original San-Antonio Series (175 first person narrator Crime novels focused on the investigations of the Parisian Commissaire San-Antonio), published between 1949 and 2000 have been recognised as a significant social phenomenon and “fait littéraire”  (Escarpit, 1965). While its importance and meaning to French Culture have been investigated (Rullier, Gautier, Jeannerod and Lagorgette, 2011), San-Antonio is too frequently –albeit with some substance, considered a French singularity. Recent studies (Jeannerod, 2010; Galli, 2014) have highlighted that San-Antonio is much more international than the idiom and characters of his books might lead to believe. In fact, not only do his novels owe to a large intertextual network of international influences, and not only are they set all over the world, they have, too, circulated widely in a number of translations.

The maps reproduced here highlight the places travelled by San-Antonio during the course of five decades of his adventures; they are part of a project of visualisation, which is currently being sponsored by the AHRC, within the framework Digital Transformations in the Arts and Humanities.

Networks, diffusion, acculturation – The birth of mass culture in Europe, Debrecen, 11-13 December 2014

This conference is co-organised in partnership between the Universities of Queen’s Belfast, Limoges and Debrecen and with the  support of the AHRC, as part of the grant : Visualising European Crime Fiction.

Programme of the Conference Continue reading

CFP : Consuming Crime: Consumption, Commodification and Consumerism in Crime Fiction, Film and Television

Consuming Crime: Consumption, Commodification and Consumerism in Crime Fiction, Film and Television

The Sixth Interdisciplinary Conference of the International Crime Genre Research Network, Ireland is to be held at The University of Limerick, Ireland

Friday 26 -Saturday 27th June, 2015

Crime novels, films and television series are avidly consumed by readers and viewers worldwide, and the crime genre has itself become one of the most successful commodities of modern times, expanding into multiple cultural spaces. The success of this genre of anxiety and reassurance is due, in part, to a fascination with crime and transgression, and concomitantly with justice and security. From its inception the genre has had clear links to the sensationalistic tabloid press, and accounts of true crime are still compelling today. Crime stories are a highly valued product and we seem to have an insatiable appetite for them. In our increasingly global world, we look beyond our own borders to consume accounts of other cultures, societies, people and places – the latter in particular being marketed with specific brand identities such as Nordic noir. Tourism is marketed alongside culture and history in the contemporary crime genre.

The aim of this sixth interdisciplinary conference is to explore the idea of consumption, commodification and consumerism as they feature in the crime genre. Continue reading

A Bibliography of novels and anthologies inspired by the crimes of Jack the Ripper (Marginalia, November 2014)


The latest issue of the invaluable resource for all researchers in popular cultures that is MARGINALIA, Bulletin bibliographique des études sur les littératures et le film populaires, is devoted to the intertextual and intermedia circulation of the figure of Jack the Ripper. It offers a bibliography of novels and anthologies inspired by the crimes of Jack the Ripper, ranging from historical mysteries, to modern thrillers or serial killer novels inspired by the killer  and to speculative fiction, steampunk ,fantasy, etc.

The full 32 pages dossier is available at :

Marginalia is published Four times per year by NORBERT SPEHNER  (

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