Digital exhibits of a Crime Library

The auction catalogue of the Bibliothèque Philippe Zoummeroff shows and contextualises a remarkable collection of some 400 items related to Crime and punishment.  These  include drawings, manuscripts and photographs (Collard’s pictures of Parisian prisons around 1875). Many volumes, from the 8000 original collection can be found here, including some of the earliest textbooks on criminal procedure, such as Milles de Souvigny’s Praxis criminis persequendi (Paris, Simon de Colines, 1541).  Many rare editions feature in the virtual exhibition below, such as a 1727 edition of the infamous 1724  Code Noir de la Louisiane. There are curiosa such as the Theatrum crudelitatum hæreticorum nostri temporis (Antwerpen, 1587). Other books on display and which can be browsed through  here include numerous original editions. For example,  the illustrated, 1544, Damhoudère, Pratique des causes criminelles  or Vidocq’s Memoirs  (Paris, Tenon, 1828-1829).  Items range from letters and drawings from convicts in Cayenne to collections of Documents on the Dreyfus Affair and the Dominici Case.

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