San-Antonio World Adventures : The global itinerary of a French Crime Series


[Please click the map to enlarge]

The unprecedented scale and enduring nature of the success of the original San-Antonio Series (175 first person narrator Crime novels focused on the investigations of the Parisian Commissaire San-Antonio), published between 1949 and 2000 have been recognised as a significant social phenomenon and “fait littéraire”  (Escarpit, 1965). While its importance and meaning to French Culture have been investigated (Rullier, Gautier, Jeannerod and Lagorgette, 2011), San-Antonio is too frequently –albeit with some substance, considered a French singularity. Recent studies (Jeannerod, 2010; Galli, 2014) have highlighted that San-Antonio is much more international than the idiom and characters of his books might lead to believe. In fact, not only do his novels owe to a large intertextual network of international influences, and not only are they set all over the world, they have, too, circulated widely in a number of translations.

The maps reproduced here highlight the places travelled by San-Antonio during the course of five decades of his adventures; they are part of a project of visualisation, which is currently being sponsored by the AHRC, within the framework Digital Transformations in the Arts and Humanities.

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