How Noir is Belfast ?

Adrian McKinty and Stuart Neville, in the introduction to the recently launched collection of short stories, Belfast Noir (N.Y., Akashic, 2014) describe Belfast, with some claims, as ” the noirest city on earth”.  The feeling seems to be shared by the international publishing industry. In so far at least as original titles of noir novels set in Northern Ireland have been changed,  in translation or for the U.S. Market, in order to feature the name of the city. Or have been produced originally, abroad, or domestically with a title using explicitly Belfast as a byword  for violence.  Here are a few examples of such “Belfastxploitation”, with some images for a view on Belfast, as reconstructed from the outside…


Sam Millar , Die Bestien von Belfast: Ein Fall für Karl Kane, Translator :  Joachim Körb

Atrium Verlag, Hamburg, 2013 (original, Bloodstorm, 2008).


Sam Millar, Les Chiens de Belfast, (Bloodstorm) Paris, Seuil, Translation Patrick Raynal, 2015


Eoin McNamee,  Belfaster Auferstehung, Hamburg: Rotbuch-Verl., 1996 (Translation Hans-Christian Oeser, original, Resurrection Man)


(US edition; original UK title, The Twelve, Harvill Secker 2009)




Spain, Urano, Plata negra,  2010


SN 68860848

(Translation Fabienne Duvigneau, Paris, Rivages, 2011)


Stuart Neville, Die Schatten von Belfast, Translation Armin Gontermann, Berlin, Aufbau Taschenbuch, 2012

Duchyuntitled duchd

Duchy Belfastu, Translation Tomasz Konatkowski,  Warszawa: Wydawnictwo W.A.B., 2012


Adrian McKinty, Die Sirenen von Belfast (I hear the Sirens in the Street) Translation Peter Torberg, Berlin, Suhrkamp Verlag, 2014


Mike Shelley,  Piedipiatti a Belfast, Il Romanzo Giallo, Milano: Garden, 1998


Richard Deutsch, Belfast Blues, Rennes, Terre de Brume, Collection Granit noir, 1999


Michael Muller, Belfast Blues,  Berlin, Rowohlt, 2000


 Gérard de Villiers, Rabbia a Belfast, Milano, Mondadori, 1975


Gérard de Villiers, Furie à Belfast, Paris, Plon, 1974


Gerard de Villiers, The Belfast Connection, Pinnacle Books , 1976


 Jerry Cotton, Die Belfast-Connection. Bergisch Gladbach: Bastei Lübbe, 2003.


Colin Bateman, Belfast Confidential, 2005


Gerry McCullough Belfast Girls

Gerry McCullough, Belfast Girls, CreateSpace,2010


Gerry McCullough, Angel in Belfast, Precious Oil Publications, 2014


Laurence Fontaine,   Larmes rouges sur Belfast, Fouesnant, Yoran embann, 2011.


Shaun Hutson: Il veleno di Belfast / Pace armata; Milano, Supersegretissimo, Mondadori, 2007

Belfast noircontent

Adrian McKinty, Stuart Neville (eds), Belfast noir, New York,  Akashic Books 2014


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