French Noir in Scandinavia : The Kriminal Series (Oslo, Zenith)

Norvégien 1

Frédéric Dard, C’est toi le venin, Translation Sigmun S.Kostøl, Kriminal, 5, Oslo, Zenith Forlag, 1977 (Collection Didier Poiret)

Before Scandinavian Noir became an worldwide phenomenon, many crime novels were published in Norway, Sweden, Danemark and Finland.   The production in the decades preceding this worldwide success  seem of critical interest to to gain a proper view of the publishing context of and influences on Nordic Noir . One aspect of this could be gained by  charting the domestic impact of   Crime Fiction from other European traditions (French, German, Spanish, italian, Bristish) in Scandinavian Countries. The rarity book cover presented here is an example of French Noir published in Norway in the 1970’s.

Norvégien 2

The “Kriminal” Series  (Serie Kriminal, Oslo, Zenith) published the following year three further titles by the same French author.

Une gueule comme la mienne (1958), Den Dodsomte , 1978, Serie Kriminal, 6

Le Cauchemar de l’aube (1961), Mareritt ved Morgengry, 1978, Serie Kriminal, 7

Le Bourreau pleure (1956), La Giljotinen vente, 1978, Serie Kriminal, 9

Then they stopped. Any information on this series and other Authors published there would be very welcome.

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