Previously unseen : Frédéric Dard in Lithuanian


 Frédéric Dard, Geltonojo kambario paslaptis  (Cette mort dont tu parlais, 1957), A. Puzo Redakcija,  Vilnius, 1994

With thanks to Didier Poiret

The picture above is the cover of a book published 20 years ago in Lituania. It had since become virtually invisible. Even the most zealous of San-Antonio collectors will see it here for the first time.  It has resurfaced last week  thanks to the effort of Didier Poiret. The  volume  was published in Vilnius in 1994. It  comprises two French Crime novels pertaining to different stages in the history of the genre.   One is by Gaston Leroux, the other by  Frédéric Dard. The latter is one of the earliest ” Romans de la nuit” published by Frédéric Dard in the Collection “Spécial Police” (Fleuve Noir)


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