Harvesting Snakes


Knight, A Snake within my Circle, XLIBRIS,  2014

The construction of  a bibliography based on a database always requires  a methodological reflection on the scope, parameters, terms categories and definition used. It is an incentive not only to compare various sources from which open access metadata can be harvested, but, to probe, too, their competing  objectives and rationale. By cross referencing multiple resources, a better insight into  taxonomies can emerge. The problematic inscription of works into genres becomes apparent.


This understanding of the construction of the research object  and of the limitations of the tools available is the precondition to any  meaningful use of a database. For example, just compare the following results (harvested, using Zotero from a bookseller online catalog) to the elements of a database generated on the basis of (French) of two types of public records from a specialized library .


Harry Crews, A Feast of Snakes (1976) Fench Edition, Paperback, 1998


James McClure, Snake: A Kramer and Zondi Investigation Set in South Africa  (1979)


    Jason Goodwin, The Snake Stone (Yashim the Ottoman Detective),  2008


Snak parkerpng

T.J. Parker, Where Serpents lie, Hyperion, 1998


R. A Fischer, Debbie Pearl: Death by Snake: CreateSpace, 2013


A.J. Brooks,  A Snake Around The Moon (Jake Edge and Sadie Laidlaw Thriller

Michael Kerr, The Snake Pit 

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