Bulgarian covers

La nurse anglaise

(La Nurse anglaise, Sofia, Colibri, 2009)

One of the objectives of the San-Antonio International Conference, and one of the motivations for organising it was to expand the search for documentation on the author beyond the limits of France ; to gather evidence on the international career of his books, to help complement existing bibliographies with new entries or supplements of information, to find new collectibles and to unearth rare archives.  Many thanks to Didier Poiret, who has recently discovered San-Antonio books from Eastern and Northern Europe. We plan on launching a virtual exhibition of San-Antonio international book covers, simultaneously with the conference.  Please continue sending us what you find.

Sucette boulevard

Sucette Boulevard

Les souris ont la peau tendre

Les Souris ont la peau tendre , 1992

This “Crime Novel” publication comprises 4 novels, only the first is by San-Antonio, who is here in the company of Conan Doyle and  Guiana penal colony’s escapee Henry Charrière.

Bulgare 1 Bulgare 2


 Chaud les lapins 3

Chauds les Lapins (Translation T. Midanof) Colibri, Sofia, 2002

Chauds, les lapins 2

Chauds les Lapins (Translation T. Midanof) Colibri, Sofia, 2002


L’Histoire de France, Colibri, Sofia, 2007

Le cochons sont lâchés

Les Cochons sont lâchés, Colibri, Sofia, 2008

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