The Mysterious novels authors

Fergus Hume

Fergus Hume (1856-1932)

French authors and authors translated from the English both feature, albeit in different proportions in Tallandier’s original series “Les Romans Mystérieux” (1910-1919). For eight authors in the Series writing in French, eleven write in English. Among  the latter,  two authors hail from Ireland, Henry de Vere Stacpoole, from  Dún Laoghaire, and   Lillie Thomas Meade, from Cork.


Here is the complete list of these 19 pioneers  in a then emerging genre, which was yet to be widely called “roman policier”. They are ordered here by chronology of birth. Below is a series of graphs measuring the  popularity of the most famous of them over different periods of time,  measured by their name’s occurrences in French and in English books retrieved by Google books.

Lermina, Jules 1839-1915
Meade, Lillie Thomas,  1844-1914
Green, Anna Katharine 1846-1935
Livet, Guillaume 1856-1919
Hume, Fergus 1856-1932
Foleÿ, Charles 1861-1956
Galopin, Arnould 1863-1934
Montignac, Georges  18..-19..
Quiller-Couch, Arthur 1863-1944
Morrison, Arthur 1863-1945
Stacpoole, Henry de Vere,  1863-1951
Hornung, Ernest William 1866-1921
Hyne, Charles John Cutcliffe 1866–1944
Oppenheim, Edward Phillips 1866-1946
Le Rouge, Gustave 1867-1938
Téramond, Guy de 1869-1957
Rinehart, Mary Roberts 1876-1958
Jeanne, Henri (Magog) 1877-1947
Thévenin, René 1877-1967
Golsworthy, Arnold

Jules Lermina

Jules Lermina (Paris, 1839- Paris, 1915)


Charles Foleÿ (Paris, 1861-1956)


(click on the graphs to see better)

 Fergus Hume, Victorian Best-Seller



The Domination of Jules Lermina

 Le Rouge



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