The Collins Crime Club : Authors and Titles



Having published  2 025 novels of Crime Fiction over a period spanning seven decades, between 1930 and 1994, The Collins Crime Club is another of the longest Crime Series worldwide. An imprint of  William Collins & Co,  it published almost the entire work of British women authors Agatha Christie (from 1926 and Murder in the Vicarage) and Ngaio Marsh (pictured)



82 authors contributed to the Collins Crime Club Series. The most frequently published were Gilbert (55 books), Lorac (52) Christie, (48) Farjeon (36) and Rhode  (32). Books selected to be included in the Collins Crime Club Series certainly deserve to be described as murder mysteries. As the following visualization, based on the titles suggests it :

CCC Themes

bvcxMurder features prominently among the hundreds of titles published  by Collins Crime Club of the decades  :  see for example some of the novels by the prolific Anthony Abbott (aka Fulton Oursler (1893–1952), author  of The Greatest Story Ever Told), in his Thatcher Colt Series : The Murder of Geraldine Foster,  Collins Crime Club, 1931; The Murder of the Night Club Lady,  Collins Crime Club, 1931; The Murder of the Circus Queen, Collins Crime Club, 1932; Murder of a Startled LadyCollins Crime Club, 1937; Murder of a Man Afraid of Women, Collins Crime Club,1937;  Murder at Buzzards Bay, Collins Crime Club, 1940.  

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