The Vampiro Series (Livros do Brasil)


The “Colecção Vampiro”, published  from 1947 by Editora Livros do Brasil, in Lisbon, was one of the very fist series of Crime Fiction paperbacks in Portuguese. It  was certainly the most popular. The “Masters of detective fiction”  published  there showed  a large emphasis on English and American authors.   The notoriety of the authors seemed of rather  more importance than a clear definition of the sub-genre of crime Fiction the books pertained to. Agatha Christie  and Dorothy Sayers  appeared alongside Hammett and Chandler; Wallace with Simenon; Van Dine with Ellery Queen.  The latter, and the likes of Erle Stanley Gardner were the most represented.  While a close contemporary of Gallimard’s “Série Noire” (created in 1945) Vampiro was editorially much closer to Le Masque (Librarie des Champs Elysées, 1927). Vampiro favoured novels of deduction and investigation over hardboiled noir.


The first book published in the series  (April 1947) was  Poirot  desvenda o passado  Christie’s  Five Little Pigs, translated by Edson Ferreira Santo. The second was, the next month,   O Mistério dos Fósforos Queimados, Ellery Queen’s  Halfway House (1936). All of the 112  first  Vampiro book covers were illustrated by  surrealist artist  Cândido Costa Pinto (1911-1976).  He certainly did a lot for the enduring popularity of this series. So did the quality of the selection of texts published there.  Nearly all of them deserve to be considered classics in the Crime genre. Among them are, notably, Hammett’s   O Falcão de Malta, (The Maltese Falco, Volume 34)  A Chave de Vidro  (The Glass Key, Volume 47), “Estranha Maldição” (The Dain Curse, Volume 64), and O Homem Sombra” (The Thin Man, Volume 152)

Vampiro 1 Oriente DSD

Vampiro Cada Wallace Vampiro 4just 

Brinca com o FogoVidro sOMBRA 

 Robado gLASS KEYChandler


  abismo CSim Maigret Vampiro

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