Consuming Crime, 26th -27th June 2015, University of Limerick: The Programme


Venue : Plassey House

10:00-11:00         Keynote Address: Professor Evelyne Keitel (TU Chemnitz, Germany):


The Strange Case of the Nordic Detective: Realism, Regionalism, and Rewrites in Fargo



11:00-11:30         Coffee


11:30-13:00                                                         Parallel Session 1


Crime and Media I                                                            Commodifying the Body

Chair:                                                                                    Chair:

Stefanie Jahn (TU Chemnitz, Germany): True Crime Narration in (the Age of) the Internet: Consuming the Podcast Serial Clare E. Rolens (University of California, San Diego, USA): The Homme Fatal Strikes Again: The Deadly Male as Criminal Consumer in Dorothy Hughes’s In a Lonely Place and Patricia Highsmith’s The Talented Mr. Ripley
Simon James & Mariann Hardey (University of Durham, UK): Serial: This pod/cast consumptive life Melanie Graichen (TU Chemnitz, Germany): Crime and (Neo-Victorian) Consumption: Re-imagining the 19th Century in BBC’s Ripper Street
Michelle Killian (University of Limerick): Rebranding violence in contemporary crime fiction and the reawakening of our prehistoric passions in Breaking Bad Katarina Gregersdotter (Umeå University, Sweden): “At the bottom of the social scale”: Human Trafficking in Contemporary Crime Fiction



13:00-14:15         Lunch (Millstream Restaurant)



14:15-15:45                                                         Parallel Session 2


Crime and Media II                                                           Food

Chair:                                                                                     Chair:

Patricia Plummer (University of Duisburg-Essen, Germany): Crime, Consumerism and the CSI-Effect Eva Erdmann (Munich, Germany): Risky consumption in times of organic life (style). From the cocktail evening’s secret spikings to food technology. Eating and drinking in crime fiction
Markus Schleich (Universität des Saarlandes, Saarbrücken, Germany): “We’re Gonna Make a Lot of Money”: The American Dream, Raw Capitalism and Televised Crime Fiction Barbara Pezzotti (Australasian Centre for Italian Studies (ACIS), New Zealand): Food as a Political Weapon in Inspector Montalbano Crime Series
Noel O’Shea (University of Limerick): Trading Vices: Globalising Crime in the Technology-Driven Financial Flux at the Centre of Michael Mann’s Miami Vice (2006) Carolina Miranda (Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand): Eating out in Hardboiled Buenos Aires: Federico Levin’s Ceviche (2009)

15:45-16:15         Coffee/Tea


16:15-17:45                                                         Parallel Session 3              


Cycles of Consumption                                                                     Cannibalism

Chair:                                                                                                     Chair:

Deborah Walker-Morrison (University of Auckland, New Zealand): Consumption in Classic French gangster noir Yun-Chu Cho (Humboldt-University Berlin, Germany): Claiming le biopouvoir in crime: Food/consumption in Kyung-Ran Jo’s crime novel Tongue
Michael G. Kelly (University of Limerick): Economies of the Self. Restrained and Unrestrained Consumption in Simenon’s L’Affaire Saint-Fiacre Jeffrey Halpern (Rider University, NJ, USA): Anthropophagy as Theophagy: Hannibal the Cannibal and the search for the Sacred
Dominique Jeannerod (Queen’s University Belfast): Crime Stories and Material forms: an intermedia circulation study Benjamin Schaab (University of Cologne, Germany) Killing in the Name of – Violence and Ideology in American Cinema around 1970


18:00-18:30         Wine Reception & finger food (Plassey House)


18:30-19:30         Keynote Address: Professor Matthieu Letourneux (Université Paris Ouest):  


Mysteries, series and consumption: serial dynamics in the inter-war years

Chair : Dr Dominique Jeannerod, QUB

(Event supported by the IRCH, Queen’s University, Belfast)



Saturday, 27th June


10:00-11:00                                                         Parallel Session 4
New Takes on Old Crime                                                                 Food II

Chair:                                                                                                     Chair:

Michele D’Angelo (Rider University, NJ, USA): Plays within Plays within Plays: Revisiting Shakespeare’s ‘Murder Most Foul’ in the Age of Consumption. Alison Atkins (Wake Forest University, NC, USA): Alimentary Consumption and the Violence of Artistic Creation in Manuel Vázquez Montalbán’s The Birds of Bangkok (1983)
Stefan Meier (TU Chemnitz, Germany): Franchising Sherlock: The Detective as Commodity Ellen Risholm (University of Dortmund, Germany): The Meanderings of Consumption in Friedrich Dürrenmatt’s Detective Fiction



11:30-13:30                                                         Parallel Session 5


Selling Setting                                                                                     Critique of Capitalism                     

Chair:                                                                                                     Chair:

Ellen Carter (Université Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne): Criminal Consumption in and of the South Pacific Joel Phillips (River University, NJ, USA): Greed and Redemption in Robert J. Sawyer’s Red Planet Blues
Julia Augart (University of Namibia): Exploitation as Consumerism. Social Criticism in German crime fiction set in Africa Elizabeth Scheiber (River University, NJ, USA): The Commodification of the Authentic: Symbol and Mise en Abyme in Richard Price’s Lush Life
Kerstin Bergman (Lund University, Sweden): Selling the Swedish Countryside: Commodification of the Rural in Recent Crime Novels Linda Crawford (Salve Regina University, RI, USA): Private Guise: Socialist Detectives Thwarting Corporate Greed?
Andrea Hynynen (University of Turku, Finland): Sami traditions against financial interests in Olivier Truc’s and Lars Petterson’s crime novels Andrew Pepper (Queen’s University Belfast): Capitalist Noir




Session 6: Irish Crime and the Celtic Tiger



Samantha Weyer-Brown (Paris 3 – Université Sorbonne Nouvelle): ‘Clean as a hound’s tooth’: greed, corruption and consumption in Alan Glynn’s Winterland
Jane Rosenbaum (Rider University, NJ, USA): From Faithful Places to Broken Harbors: Tana French and the Crime Novel in the Wake of Eurozone Consumerism
Michaela Schrage-Früh (University of Limerick): (Post-) Celtic Tiger Dublin in Recent Irish Crime Fiction



16:30-17:00         Coffee/Tea/ Refreshments (Millstream Common Room)



17:00-18:00         Crime Writer Niamh O’Connor will talk about her work (Millstream Common Room)



19:30                     Conference Dinner, Limerick City


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