Crime on the Beach Festival, Le Havre, 10-14th June, 2015


The 13th edition of the Festival organised  by Ancres Noires (Black Anchor ) in Le Havre will host Illustrators, artists, actors, and French and international crime novelists, including Dominique Sylvain, Marcus Malte, Dominique Manotti,  Gianni Biondillo (Italy),  Karen Maitland (Great Britain) , Rafael Reig and Christina Fallaràs (Spain) , Nairi Nahapetian (Iran), Kishwar Desai (India) , David Coulon, Sandrine Colette, Dominique Chappey, Dominique Delahaye,, Thierry Marignac,  Eric Maravelias, John Paul Halnaut, Jerome Leroy, Maurice Gouiran Emmanuel Grand , Laurence Biberfeld, Hervé Commère and Ian Manook.

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