French Authors in the Circulo del Crimen Series


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Compared with other Spanish series, Circulo del Crimen from the 1980s seems to suggest a decrease in the influence of “French” crime fiction in Spain. Out of a series of 120 books, Boileau, Dard, Exbrayat,  Japrisot, Kassak, Leblanc, Le Breton and Simonin  are the only French language authors, and they feature with solely one book each. Simenon, the only other translated from the French in this series, has two. Ten out 120 is a poor return for one of the literary traditions in which the crime novel was co-invented (together with the USA and GB) and in a country like Spain, where cultural exchanges with France were frequent and long standing.

Simenon Circulo

PIERRE BOILEAU El Reposo De Baco 69 1984
GEORGES SIMENON Un Crimen En Holanda 9 1982
AUGUSTE LE BRETON Rififí En El Líbano 48 1983
FRÉDÉRIC DARD El Montacargas 41 1983
GEORGES SIMENON El Hombre De Londres 30 1983
ALBERT SIMONIN El Currante Se Revuelve 72 1984

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