Fantomas Versus the Multinational Vampires




Julio Cortázar, Fantomas contra los vampiros multinacionales, Mexico, 1975


(Edited by Kardos György and Székács Vera, translated by Dobos Éva, Magvető Könyvkiadó, Budapest, 1978)


LA diff

Julio Cortazar, Fantômas contre les vampires des multinationals ( trad. Ugné Karvelis), Paris,  La Différence, coll. « Les Voies du sud », 1991


Julio Cortázar, Fantomas contro i vampiri multinazionali (Traduzione e cura di Emanuele Pirani), Narrativa,  2006


Fantomas gegen die multinationalen Vampire (edited by Ralph Doege, Jürgen Schütz &  Christiane Barnaházi), Septime, 2009

Layout 1

Julio Cortázar, Fantomas Versus the Multinational Vampires. An Attainable Utopia (translation and afterword by David Kurnick), Cambridge, MA, Semiotext(e) 2014



    1. Thanks, Marina Sofia. And these are rather metaphorical (corporate greed), so you’ll probably love the book too.


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