Following on from previous conferences organised in the Universities of Bordeaux (1965), the Sorbonne (2010), Chambéry (2013), Dijon (2014) and Belfast (2015)

A conference on:

Humour and Laughter in San Antonio. Sources, instruments, translatability

will take place in Craiova, May 25th and 26th 2017 at Casa Universitarilor

This conference will bring together researchers and writers from different countries and across a range of disciplines, including literary and language studies, translation studies, cultural history, film and media studies, to explore the significance of humour and laughter in San-Antonio’s oeuvre.

Humour is an intrinsic and distinctive quality of the best-selling crime novels authored by French popular writer Frédéric Dard under the pen name of San-Antonio. A pastiche and a parody of post-war noir novels, the San-Antonio series kept readers laughing for 50 years. As such, humour is one of the main keys to understanding the success and longevity of the series. But as an aesthetic category, humour proves difficult to grasp, classify and theorize. The purpose of this conference will be to delineate and address literary, linguistic and methodological issues linked to San-Antonio’s laughter and assess their implications for San-Antonio’s creativity, language innovation, contribution to the crime genre, relation with his readership and literary legacy.

Contributions of 30-minute papers are welcome on topics including, but not limited to:

• Laughter in the crime genre
• Undermining the narration; how humour subverts the text
• Role of the author as humorist
• Intertextual humour: the resurfacing of jokes and funny stories
• Interpreting San-Antonio’s humour; a challenge for the reader?
• Intercultural situations; translating laughs.
• Strategies for reading and explaining San-Antonio’s laughter

Please send a 200 words proposals and a short bio by the 30th of June 2016 to

Scientific Committee

Serge AMORÉ, Secretary of the Association Les Amis de San-Antonio (France)
Hugues GALLI, University of Burgundy, Dijon (France)
Thierry GAUTIER, Editor in chief of the Journal Le Monde de San-Antonio (France)
Dominique JEANNEROD, ICRH, Queen’s University, Belfast (Northern Ireland, UK)
Dominique LAGORGETTE, University of Savoy Mont Blanc, Chambéry (France)
Raymond MILÉSI, Writer (France)
Anda RĂDULESCU, University of Craiova (Romania)
Gérard REYMOND, Vice-president of the Association Les Amis de San-Antonio (France)
Daniel SIRACH, President of the Association Les Amis de San-Antonio (France)
Laurenţiu BĂLĂ, University of Craiova (Romania)

Select Bibliography

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