Networks and Connections in the Crime Genre

International Crime Genre Research Group 7th biennial conference:


Networks and Connections in the Crime Genre

Friday 26 – Saturday 27 May, 2017

National University of Ireland, Galway


Under the broad title of ‘Networks and Connections’ we invite proposals related to the following areas:


Networks in crime and in crime detection:

  • Criminal gangs, people trafficking, drug cartels
  • The movement and influence of global capital
  • Cybercrime and hacking
  • Collaboration between national police forces in investigating crime
  • Political corruption
  • Collaboration between repressive state apparatuses
  • Terrorism and counter-terrorism

Transnational links

  • Mobility: Ease with which the modern criminal and detective can cross national boundaries
  • Diaspora and identity, old and new worlds in contact (e.g. Scandinavians in the USA, Croats in Chile)
  • Asylum seekers; refugees; impact of political violence and forced migration; exile
  • Economic migration

Comparative Connections in the ongoing development of the genre

  • Comparative approaches to the study of genre production at the level of form and content
  • Histories of influence in the nineteenth and twentieth-centuries
  • Contemporary productions and their mutual influences.

Language Communities

  • For instance can we speak of Anglophone and Francophone traditions across all the territories where those languages are spoken?
  • What of multilingual regions and nations like Spain or India?
  • What is the position of minority languages and cultures in the genre?

Postcolonial legacies and connections

  • The modern legacy of colonial ties and cultural connections
  • Resistance and Imagined communities
  • Shared places and conflicting politics


As always, we welcome submissions from those working on crime fiction and film, wider media production, criminology, anthropology etc. Our founding ambition since our first conference in 2005 is to bring together researchers from a broad range of areas to see what points of commonality emerge when we share our perspectives.

Organising Committee:Dr Kate Quinn (NUIG); Dr Dominique Jeannerod (QUB); Dr Marieke Krajenbrink (UL)

Please send your abstracts to by Friday March 17th, 2017


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