Women Criminals : Iconic Characters in History, Media and Crime Fiction


Colloque Figures



As part of the Research Project  La force des femmes, hier et aujourd’hui (xvie-xxie siècles) (The Strength of Women, Past and Present ), a three days conference will take place in Rouen (Maison de l’Université) on the 7, 8 and 9th of June

 Full programme accessible at  https://forcedesf.hypotheses.org/81

The  Strength of Women, Past and Present research project proposes a collective investigation on the literary, theatrical and film representations of feminine strength – considered through both its violent and disturbing embodiments (murder,  fight,  torture, and  terrorism) and celebrated forms (courage, resistance,tenacity) – and questions the ideologies behind such representations.

For a presentation of the project, see: http://forcedesf.hypotheses.org/

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