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 Stick is a series of Crime Fiction booklets published in France during WWII.  It was published by Agence Parisienne de Distribution, under the aegis of  the Ventillard group, an influential name in the history of French noir. Continue reading

Visualizing Award-Winning Crime Fiction


International award winning authors 

The Prix Mystère de la Critique has been awarded 44 times so far. Who are the awards winners ? And which publishers are the winners of the awards ? The following Raw-technology based visualizations provide some compelling insights. Continue reading

Crime & Police, 1933-1935


Crime et Police was a Crime Novel Series published in Paris by Ferenczi between 1933-1935.  The volumes were 17 cm and their  covers were illustrated with photographic montages by Henri Manuel. The series consists of  76 volumes. They are here ordered by author. This highlights the significance of the contribution of some, like Marcel Allain, or Max-André Dazergues (here also under pseudonym André Mad). It shows, too, the number of publications by British authors : Leslie Charteris (3), Peter Cheyney (2)

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A Big Data Investigation workshop + BritishLibraryLabsTHATCAMP 2015


February 12, 2015
30 Euston Square, London NW1 2FB
February 13, 2015
British Library Conference Centre, 96 Euston Road, London NW1 2DB

A two-day hands-on workshop to explore some of the tools and the skills to be acquired to conduct research on big data in the Humanities will take place in London next week as part of the activities supported by the AHRC-funded project “Visualising European Crime Fiction: New Digital Tools and Approaches to the Study of Transnational popular Culture”, led by Dr. Dominique Jeannerod (QUB).

Co-organised with the British Library Labs in the framework of the Data Curation Conference 2015, the workshops will explore a number of online resources for metadata, texts and images, as well as tools for data visualisation such as Gephi and Tableau.
The full programme of two days is available here:
Please visit the websites of the co-organisers of this event:
The British Library Labs:
Data Curation Conference 2015:

The Mysterious Bookshop : A view of 4000 Crime Fiction Paperbacks


The  notorious Tribeca Bookshop at 58,  Warren Street,  NYC, is famed for its devotion  to “all things mysterious, from hard-boiled hardcovers to pulpy paperbacks”. Anyone interested in  an overview of the current market of international Crime Fiction in English language will benefit from  a virtual tour through its rich collections, including a view of the covers of some 4000 paperbacks.

Detection Series in France in the 1920’s


In France, the 1920’s saw  a decisive evolution in the critical recognition of the crime genre (with, notably, the 1929 publication of Régis Messac’s thesis on the detective novel)  and in the organisation of the publishing industry towards the promotion of crime fiction. The most notable series created at the time was certainly the perennial “Le Masque”. It was by no means the only significant one.  Neither was it the first. Here are a few landmarks

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Bulgarian covers

La nurse anglaise

(La Nurse anglaise, Sofia, Colibri, 2009)

One of the objectives of the San-Antonio International Conference, and one of the motivations for organising it was to expand the search for documentation on the author beyond the limits of France ; to gather evidence on the international career of his books, to help complement existing bibliographies with new entries or supplements of information, to find new collectibles and to unearth rare archives.  Many thanks to Didier Poiret, who has recently discovered San-Antonio books from Eastern and Northern Europe. We plan on launching a virtual exhibition of San-Antonio international book covers, simultaneously with the conference.  Please continue sending us what you find. Continue reading