Crime on the Beach Festival, Le Havre, 10-14th June, 2015


The 13th edition of the Festival organised  by Ancres Noires (Black Anchor ) in Le Havre will host Illustrators, artists, actors, and French and international crime novelists, including Dominique Sylvain, Marcus Malte, Dominique Manotti,  Gianni Biondillo (Italy),  Karen Maitland (Great Britain) , Rafael Reig and Christina Fallaràs (Spain) , Nairi Nahapetian (Iran), Kishwar Desai (India) , David Coulon, Sandrine Colette, Dominique Chappey, Dominique Delahaye,, Thierry Marignac,  Eric Maravelias, John Paul Halnaut, Jerome Leroy, Maurice Gouiran Emmanuel Grand , Laurence Biberfeld, Hervé Commère and Ian Manook.

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Karim Miské comes to Belfast – Tues 9 June, 20:30


Karim Miské won the 2012 Grand Prix de Littérature Policière, France’s most prestigious award for Crime Fiction with Arab Jazz, his debut novel. Now released in the UK by Quercus, Arab Jazz, translated by Sam Gordon  has won an English PEN award. Miské will present his book in the Crescents Art Centre on Tuesday, in partnership with No Alibis.


Here is a presentation of the author by his publisher :

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What is San-Antonio all about ?


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Does the  word cloud above  provide an answer to the question asked in the title of this post ? And is that of any use to anyone?  The cloud  is based on the titles from the 175 novels published in the crime series “The investigations of Commissaire San-Antonio”. Does is tell us something we did not know about San-Antonio ? And if we don’t know who San-Antonio is, or haven’t read his books does it help us forming a first impression? Does it allow us to find a way through his work?  But maybe what we are being told here is not so much something about San-Antonio, but  about distant reading. How do you go about with the material which raw (or refined) data gives you? How do you start building a narrative, and research questions around it? Continue reading

Japanese Covers

Le bourreau pleure

With thanks to Didier Poiret

In preparation for the San-Antonio International conference due to take place in Queen’s University, Belfast on the 15th-16th of May and which aims to look at, amongst other things, the international career of  Frédéric Dard, aka San-Antonio,  often considered France’s most quintessentially French writer (whatever that might mean), can you recognise the original books by Dard, under their Japanese covers ?

L'homme de l'avenue

Prenez en de la graine

Alphonse Bertillon : an Eye on Crime (Exhibition)


Opening today and lasting until November an interesting exhibition, curated by renowned expert Pierre Piazza, is devoted to the inventor of scientific police, Alphonse Bertillon (1853-1914).   It presents a rich and diverse collection of some 200 items, some of them belonging to the  Department of Forensic Identification of the Paris Police, some of them stemming  from Bertillon’s personal collections, presented and contextualised  with  archives consisting of press clippings, of  illustrations, caricatures, films and photographs. It shows the  methods used to ascertain and investigate crime and to find the criminals, based on the collection and analysis of the traces they left.  The exhibition show how, for example with crime scenes photographs, Art, technological innovation and forensic science merge.

Exhibition: Cinéma premiers crimes (Paris, 17.4-2.8)


The wonderful exhibition Cinema’s First Crimes curated by Matthieu Letourneux (Paris X), Alain Carou (BNF) and Catherine Cauchard (BILIPO) opens tomorrow in Paris at the Galerie des Bibliothèques.

The “Visualising European Crime Fiction” project collaborated with its organisers to create a promotional website to be found at the following address:

Here below an excerpt from the press kit:

Cinemas premiers crimes enables today’s audiences to feel the same shivers that rippled through spectators a hundred years ago.

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