The generation of a database on European crime fiction forms part of the “Visualising European Crime Fiction” project currently carried out by the research group and supported by the Arts and Humanities Research Council’s Digital Transformations  scheme.

The project aims to test, develop and refocus the popular culture database created by the LPCM association. Creating a workable database supposes delivering at three levels: facilitating the gathering of data, encouraging their manipulation to accommodate a wide array of research questions from all participants in the project and the members of the research group and perfecting existing tools to create maps, graphs and virtual exhibitions.

The database should be able to answer relatively complex inquiries and to sustain long-term, international research projects, on crime fiction and popular literature. Comparisons between cultural and linguistic areas and traditional canons and national literary fields will be facilitated, as it will be easier to compare life cycles and international circulation, the number of translations of works of mass distribution with wide market appeal, as opposed to literature of restricted production destined to slower literary consecration.

The database will serve as a practical, participatory resource, helping members in the network to deliver conference presentations, papers and virtual exhibition, and will help to create new teaching resources.

It helps visualizing bibliographical references given in other publications by members of the research group. For example, follow the link below for a visualisation of the San-Antonio International database, which was used for the publication directed by Loïc Artiaga and Dominique Jeannerod, San-Antonio International – Circulation et imaginaire d’une série policière française, PULIM, 2020 (find more here)

San-Antonio International Bibliography

One of its goals is to promote collaboration, networking and exchange of ideas and experiences between international scholars, librarians, and archivists.

Please note that this database is a work in progress and currently under construction.

For  bibliographical reference about European collections : The European Library

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