Research Group Members

 Group Convenor:

Dr Dominique Jeannerod – School of Modern Languages,

Group Membership:

Dr Federico Pagello – ICRH,

Dr Andrew Pepper – School of English,

Dr Stefano Baschiera, Film Studies,

Dr Gerard Brennan –  Author,

Annika Breinig, Media Studies,

Dr Garret Carr – Creative writing,   Seamus Heaney Centre,

Dr Oliver Dunnett, Cultural Geography,

Ciara Gorman, PhD Student, French Studies, Queen’s University, Belfast,

Owen Fenton, PhD Student, ICRH,

Daniel Finlay, French Studies, ‎‎

Dr Aaron Hunter – Film Studies,

Jonathan Kearney – Ph.D. Candidate, School of Law,

Eugen Kontschenko, Media Studies,  ‎

Daniel Magennis, French Studies,

Keith McAllister‎, Architecture

Dr Michael Pierse – IRCH,

Dr Linda Price –  School of Planning, Architecture and Civil Engineering,

Ashley Scott – School of Modern Languages,

David Torrans, No Alibis Bookstore, Botanic Avenue, Belfast,

Dr Steven Wilson – School of Modern Languages,

Associate Members:

Dr Neal Alexander, Literary Geographies (Editor),

Dr Jean Anderson, Associate Professor of French, Victoria University, Wellington,

Dr Loïc Artiaga, Cultural History, University of Limoges,

Dr Kerstin Bergman, Literature Studies, University Lund,

Karl Berglund, Department of Literature, Uppsala University,

Declan Burke, Writer,

Dr Ellen Carter, Modern Languages, University Strasbourg,  ‎

Dr David Conlon, Hispanic and Iberian Studies, NUIM,

Dr Eva Erdmann, Romance Studies, University of Munich,

Sharon Dempsey, Author,

Dr Véronique Desnain, French Studies, University of Edinburgh,

Iziar De Miguel Arabaolaza, PhD candidate, CUNY,  ‎

Emilio J. Gallardo-Saborido,  Associate researcher, Spanish National Research Council (CSIC).

Dr Nicolas Gauthier, French Studies, University Waterloo,‎;

Dr Thierry Gautier, INRIA, Rennes,

Dr Jesús Gómez-de-Tejada, Assistant professor, University of Seville.

Professor Claire Gorrara, European Languages, Translation and Politics, Cardiff University,

Dr Jean-Philippe Gury, French Studies, University of Bretagne Occidentale,

Dr Loïc Guyon, French Studies, Mary Immaculate College,

Dr Katharina Hall, German Studies, University Swansea,

Dr Caroline Julliot,  French Literature, Université du Maine,

Dr Sandor Kalai, Media studies, University Debrecen,

Faye Keegan, English, Newcastle,

Dr Michael Kelly, French Studies, University of Limerick,  ‎

Professor Rob Kitchin,  National Institute of Regional and Spatial Analysis,‎‎

Dr Marieke Krajenbrink, German, Comparative Literature and Cultural Studies, University of Limerick,

Dr Simon Kemp, French Studies, Somerville College, Oxford,

Dr Angela Kimyongur, School of Languages, Linguistics and Cultures, University of Hull,

Dr Stewart King, Spanish and Catalan Studies, Monash University,

Professor Dominique Lagorgette, University of Savoie,

Dr Ute Lemke, German Studies, University of Savoie,

Professor Jacques Migozzi, French Literature, University Limoges,

Professor Matthieu Letourneux, French literature, University Paris-Ouest,

Dr Natacha Levet, French Literature, University of Limoges,

Brian McGilloway, Author,

Dr Enrico Minardi, Associate Professor, Arizona State University,

Dr Carolina Miranda, Lecturer in Spanish, Victoria University, Wellington,

Dr Fiona Peters, Reader in Crime Fiction, Bath Spa University,

Dr Barbara Pezzotti , English Studies,  Wellington,

Professor David Platten, French Studies, University Leeds,

Nikos Filippaios , Media Studies, University Ioanina,

Dr Marcela Poucova, French Literature, University Brno,

Anthony Quinn, Writer,

Dr Kate Quinn, Spanish & Latin American Studies, University Galway,

Leigh Redhead,, University of Wollongong, Australia

Dr Alistair Rolls, French Studies, University of Newcastle, Australia,

Dr Maria Stuart,  American Literature, University College Dublin,

Professor Benoît Tadié, American Studies, University of Rennes ‎[]‎

Dr Michela Toppano, Italian Studies, University Aix Marseille,

Dr Deborah Walker, French Studies, University Auckland,

Samantha Weyer-Brown,  University Paris 3, Sorbonne Nouvelle,

Dr Amy Wigelworth (French Studies), University Durham,

Dr Russell Williams, Comparative Literature, American University of Paris,

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