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“Death Wears Yellow Garters” : Chandler on good and bad Detective stories


(Raymond Chandler, Trouble Is My Business, Pocket Books 823, 1951 : Cover Art by Herman Geisen)

Compiling a list of chandlerisms is possibly not the most reverent way to assess how the golden age of Crime Fiction was perceived outside from the self-selected happy few of members in the famous “Detection club”. But it is certainly a fun way to start.  Here are a few excerpts from Chandler’s seminal essay (1950) : “The Simple art of murder”.

Every detective story writer makes mistakes, and none will ever know as much as he should. Conan Doyle made mistakes which completely invalidated some of his stories, but he was a pioneer, and Sherlock Holmes after all is mostly an attitude and a few dozen lines of unforgettable dialogue.

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Circulo del Crimen (Forum): A list of the 120 titles


(source :http://laflechanegrasigloxv.blogspot.co.uk/2009/07/coleccion-circulo-del-crimen-editorial.html )

This is a list of the 120 titles published between 1982 and 1986 in the eclectic Spanish series Circulo del Crimen, by the Barcelona based publisher, Forum.

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