Patrice Dard

7 x Vic St Val


Vic St Val is both the main character in the eponymous series narrating his adventures, and the pseudonym under which authors Patrice Dard and Gilles Morris-Dumoulin published them. This excellent and very documented series was well-liked by its readers. The books were informed and informative, politically and scientifically.  Vic Saint-Val is still familiar to many, as it probably influenced a famous Belmondo movie (Bob Saint-Clair, in Philippe de Broca’s Le Magnifique, 1973). St Val’s considerable output formed an important part of  the Series “Espiomatic” (Fleuve Noir). Author  Morris-Dumoulin claimed that  his hero’s Adventures are a plea in 64 volumes for the protection of the environment, of  the planet, and of human rights. The following  is a visual story of Vic St Val in 7 illustrations. Continue reading